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Vadeco, a chemical company from Zagreb with highest science level produces remarkable products



Vadeco Ltd, a chemical company from Zagreb with highest science level produces remarkable products

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Our mission, vision, goals and values. We provide industries with the highest level of customer satisfaction

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Enter the world of new, revolutionary disnfectants, personal hygiene products and complementary food

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Our Brands

A complete new generation disinfectant with broad – spectrum of effects

Universal disinfectant for complete disinfection, cleaning, polishing and removal of limesoale in bathrooms and sanitary facilities

Complementary functional feed for bees with added minerals to support reaching higher levels of well-being of bees

Wet wipes for convenient cleaning and hygienic care of irritaed or damaged skin

Wet wipes for quick and convenient complete disinfection of hands and body. Kills 99,99% of bacteria

3D-disinfection process will take only a few minutes for standard sized room

Clean Cube machine

  • A unique product that destroys microorganisms mechanically, not chemically as any other product
  • Does not cause resistance
  • All raw materials have a food certificate
  • It does not contain alcohol, chlorine, chlorine compounds, ammonia quarte salts, aldehydes
  • Does not have unpleasant smell
  • A wide spectrum of action on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including Mycobacterium TBC, MRSA), viruses (Coronavirus, HIV, HBV), fungi and spores
  • It destroys 99.99% of all known pathogenic microorganisms
  • Universal use – applicable on surfaces of all materials and in several methodsof disinfection
  • Disinfectant action 7H
  • HALAL certificate

Our team of experts has developed revolucionary products with remarkable effects from humanity

Revolutionary reversal

With the latest technology and knowledge our research team has achieved incredible results and huge level-up in microbiological science. Our scientists have also started a grand turnover in apiculture by inventing multifuncional food and protection for bees.


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